Additional Terms

Competition Notice & Pin Seekerz Competition Terms

A.          Competition Notice:

Except where a different interpretation is necessary in the context or provided by way of definition herein in (part B, condition 32), the words and expressions used in these Additional Terms shall have the meaning set out in the Pin Seekerz App User Licence. Unless the context otherwise requires, words in the singular shall include the plural and in the plural shall include the singular as the context permits. References to ‘You’, ‘Your’ or ‘PSZ Member’ are references to the person participating in the Competition.

This Competition Notice should be read in conjunction with:

a)                   the Pin Seekerz Competition Terms at part B below;

b)                   the Pin Seekerz App User Licence (which incorporates the Pin Seekerz Privacy Policy); and,

c)          the Pin Seekerz Prize Provider Terms (where relevant and provided for in the Competition Notice); and,

are together known as the “PSZ Competition Licence”.

If there is a conflict between the Competition Notice and the Pin Seekerz Competition Terms & Conditions or the Pin Seekerz Prize Provider Terms, the terms in the Competition Notice shall prevail.

Entries imply acceptance of the terms in the PSZ Competition Licence as final and binding as applicable.



#TeamCallaway League: Pin Seekerz in partnership with Callaway Golf Europe Limited are providing golfers with a league to enter on the PSZ APP where they can compete against other golfers in Europe. There will be weekly, monthly and one overall prize for the winner of the league. These prizes include: 2x Odyssey Putters (the 2 winners of Double Chance receive an Odyssey putter of their choice), 3x XR 16 Drivers (3 winners), 12x dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls (12 winners), 12x Callaway Golf Hats (12 winners), 12x Callaway Golf Towels (12 winners), 1x limited edition Major Tour Bag (1 winner), 3x limited edition Major Headcovers (1 winner), 1x full set of custom fit Callaway Golf Clubs (1 winner), but are subject to change without notice if deemed necessary by PSZ or Callaway Golf.


Entry Criteria


To enter the Competition, simply download the PSZ App which can be found here (GOOGLE PLAY) and here (ITUNES) (‘App Store(s)’ and enter the required details on the PSZ website ( You must then record your rounds on the PSZ APP in the defined Start and End date of the competition. Only your one highest scoring round counts per week. All scores for that week are inclusive up until Sunday 21:00pm GMT. Any rounds recorded after this will be counted in next week’s rounds.


No purchase is necessary to enter the Competition as you will be granted the Premium version of the app for free for the duration of this Competition, after which, you will return to the basic version but you may upgrade through the in-app purchase options in the app.


Entries shall be subject to the Maximum Entries Quota. The first 50 golfers to sign up to the League after launch on 7th March 2016, as determined by the time stamp the entries are received through the website, will receive a starter pack from Callaway Golf consisting of Chrome Soft Golf Balls (a 2-Ball pack) and Callaway Golf Tees.


Exclusions/ Restrictions

Minimum age requirement is 16 years old at the End Date. Only players playing for the duration of the Competition living in a European country qualify for this Competition. 

End Date

Sunday 5th June 2016 21:00 GMT.



Not Applicable


Maximum Entries Quota

 Only 1 profile per player and 1 qualifying world ranking points score per week.


Minimum Entry Target

Not Applicable


Competition Window

The Start Date to the End Date as indicated in this Competition Notice.


Winner Alert (date)

Weekly winners will be contacted the following Monday after that game week. Monthly winners will be contacted the week after and the overall winner(s) will be contacted within one week after the completion of the Competition. All winners will be contacted by email about their prize.


Claim  Window

You must claim/acknowledge/accept the Prize within 3 days of receipt of the Winner Alert


Start Date

Entries open: Monday 7th March 2016 09:00am GMT

League begins: Monday 14th March 2016 2016 09:00am GMT


Callaway Golf (Prize Provider)

 CALLAWAY GOLF EUROPE LIMITED registered under company number 2756321, whose registered office is at Unit 27A Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Rd, Chessington, KT9 2NY


Callaway Golf (Prize Provider) Terms

The third party suppliers that are required to fulfil the Prize will be made known during the Competition Window. The third party supplier service or purchase terms shall apply in full to the Prize where applicable.



PIN SEEKERZ LIMITED, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 08903154, whose registered office is at Chislehurst Business Centre, 1 Bromley Lane, Chislehurst, Kent, BR6 7LH


Delivery of Prize: Who is responsible?

Promoter to liaise with Prize Provider over prize fulfilment, delivery and contacting winners


Special Terms

Throughout the Competition Window, the Promoter may offer and provide for alternative Entry Criteria, and Prizes and use an alternative Winner Selection Process. These alternative opportunities will be made accessible and transparent to all participants using the PSZ App.


Winner Selection Process

The Weekly Winner is determined by the player who has scored the most PSZ points that Game Week (Monday – Sunday) and that round has been verified by PSZ.

The Monthly Winner is determined by the player who has scored the most cumulative PSZ points that Month (March, April and May) and those rounds have been verified by PSZ. After each month and the prize has been given, players start from 0 for the monthly prize that will be monitored by PSZ.

At the End Date of the Competition, the player who is ranked in number 1 position in the #TeamCallaway league and has had all scores verified by PSZ will be deemed the winner.

At the End Date of the Competition, the two players from Double Chance will be calculated by PSZ will be deemed the Winner of the Double Chance Prize.

Entrants may only receive one of the same prize. For example, they may only win one weekly prize or one monthly prize. If the same winner has previously won, the prize will go to the next qualifying entrant who has not previously won.


B.         Pin Seekerz Competition Terms:

1. Subject to any applicable exclusion or restriction noted in the Competition Notice, the Competition is open to new or current PSZ Members (European) who satisfy the registration criteria at clause 3.4 of the PSZ App User Licence (at the time of entry). Employees and contractors of Pin Seekerz Limited (including its group companies) are eligible to enter, but are not entitled to win prizes. Employees and contractors of Callaway Golf (including its group companies) are eligible to enter, but are not entitled to win prizes. In the event Pin Seekerz Limited (including its group companies) or Callaway Golf (including its group companies) employees and contractors do win, prizes will be awarded to the runner-up. You are referred specifically to condition 31 herein in that if You reside anywhere other than England or Wales, Your local and federal legislation and law codes do not apply to the terms in this PSZ Competition Licence.

2. To enter, simply satisfy the Entry Criteria detailed in the Competition Notice. By registering and/ or by placing Entries in to the Competition, You will be added to the Promoter’s and Prize Provider database thereby indicating Your consent to receiving general communications from the Promoter and Prize Provider in accordance with our Pin Seekerz Privacy Policy from time to time.

3. You can enter the Competition during the Competition Window subject to the Maximum Entries Quota.

4.  By entering the Competition, You hereby warrant that all information submitted by You is true, accurate, kept up-to-date and complete at all times.

5.  Entries which are not in accordance with the terms of this PSZ Competition Licence will be subject to disqualification. This includes compliance with the Custom Golfing Rules and the Pin Seekerz Conduct Rules referred to in the PSZ App User Licence.

6. No responsibility is accepted for Entries which are lost, corrupted, and incomplete or for any failure to capture entry information.

7. PSZ Members who place Entries in to the Competition are required to meet the Entry Criteria but otherwise no other purchase is necessary to enter unless otherwise stated in the Competition Notice.

8. Entries to the Competition will only be accepted between the Start Date to the End Date inclusive as set out in the Competition Notice.

9.   The Winner of the Competition will be notified by way of a Winner Alert sent by email in accordance with the Competition Notice. It is the responsibility of PSZ Members to notify the Promoter of any change of contact details. Proof of identity may be required. The result is final and no correspondence shall be entered in to. 

10.                  Entries must not be sent through agents, third parties or otherwise on Your behalf. No mechanical or bulk Entries are permitted.

11.                  The Winner of the Prize will be selected by way of the Winner Selection Process.

12.                  Where further information is requested from the Winner to assist in the provision or delivery of a Prize, the Winner will receive an email specifying the required information and the prescribed method of submission by way of an Information Request Notification which shall state a prescribed timeframe in which to respond failing which a replacement Winner shall be selected by way of the Winner Selection Process at the discretion of the Promoter who shall not be liable if any such Prize cannot be accepted by a Winner for any reason.

13.                  Details of the Winner may be disclosed by the Promoter and Prize Provider on its relevant online platform(s). By entering the Competition, You expressly agree to permit such disclosure.

14.                  Where the Prize necessitates travel and/or attending an event on a specified date, the Winner must be available on such date(s) and alternative dates are unlikely to be available. Where the Winner is not available, the Promoter shall be entitled to select a replacement Winner by way of the Winner Selection Process at its discretion and shall not be liable if any such Prize cannot be accepted by a Winner for any reason. Where applicable, travel must be booked and taken in accordance with the Competition Notice and all travel must be completed within the travel period stated where applicable. All passengers i.e. the Winner and any permitted Guest need to have valid passports and all necessary visas or other required documentation to comply with applicable immigration laws or other regulations. Any child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No alterations, exchanges or refunds will be permitted after completing any booking. Once a booking is confirmed, the Winner and any permissible Guest will be subject to the venue conditions where the event is being held and any travel conditions of the transport company. If You have any special dietary requirements, please let the party responsible for making the booking know where relevant. The Promoter will not be responsible for unforeseen cancellations of trains, buses, flights or other travel arrangements and the consequences thereof. Please consult Your GP/ Doctor to find out whether or not You will require any vaccinations which is Your sole responsibility.

15.                  Subject to condition 27, should a Prize become unavailable before or after the relevant Competition has ended, such Prize may be withdrawn (or changed for a substitute prize (at the Promoter’s sole discretion) of similar value.

16.                  The Winner may be required to participate in reasonable related publicity without further reward, payment or permission. By entering the Competition, You expressly agree to comply with reasonable Publicity Obligations upon request which shall include the right to use the Winner’s image and to publicise the same.

17.                  The Winner will receive the Prize. In accordance with the relevant Competition Notice, the Prize may either be supplied to the Promoter by Prize Provider for onward distribution to the Winner or the Prize may be awarded to the Winner direct from Prize Provider.

18.                  The Promoter does not endorse any Prize or any Prize Provider.

19.                  The Prize will only be delivered to the address provided by the Winner during the sign up process outlined in the Entry Criteria.  

20.                   Where there is to be more than one of anything e.g. more than one Prize, Winner, Guest etc, this will be indicated in the Competition Notice. 

21.                  The payment of all costs and expenses involved in claiming a Prize and all applicable taxes or duties in relation to the Prize are the responsibility of the Winner.

22.                  The Prize should be claimed by the relevant winner within the Claim Window stated in the Winner Alert and/ or the Competition Notice.  If the potential Winner fails to claim the Prize during the Claim Window or cannot be contacted or the Winner Alert is returned or is undeliverable, such potential Winner forfeits all rights to any Prize and at the sole discretion of the Promoter, a replacement Winner may be selected.  An unclaimed Prize will not be awarded.

23.                  The Prize is non-transferable and no cash or credit alternative is offered.

24.                  The Prize Provider may impose a Minimum Entry Target and in the event that this is not achieved, the Competition may be cancelled for any reason at any time with no liability occasioned by the Promoter.

25.                  Where applicable, each Winner must on request provide full names and contact details for the Winner's Guest, who in each case are subject to the successful carrying out of identity checks. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse any proposed Guest for any reason which they are not obliged to disclose. The Winner will be invited to choose a substitute Guest in such circumstances.

26.                  Any omission to exercise, or delay in exercising, any right or remedy under the terms herein shall not constitute a waiver by the Promoter of that, or any other, right or remedy.  

27.                  The Promoter reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the Competition at any time (and for any reason which it is not obliged to disclose) without notice. 

28.                  The Promoter shall not be responsible for Claims or Losses of any kind, including without limitation, direct, indirect or consequential loss or damages arising out of or in relation to the Competition.  Nothing in this condition shall limit or exclude liability for death or personal injury as a result of the Promoter’s negligence.

29.                  The Prize Provider is solely responsible for the quality and delivery of the Prize. Where the parties are different, the Promoter accepts no responsibility for the safety, quality, morality and delivery of the Prize to be provided by the Prize Provider. Participants acknowledge that:

a)     the Promoter is not responsible for their health and safety;

b)     the Promoter does not vet the Prize Provider;

c)     the Prize Provider can further make changes to their Prize Provider Terms at any time at their sole discretion;

d)     the Promoter offers no advice, recommendations, and endorsements in respect of Prize Provider or the Prizes supplied by Prize Provider or legal representation under any circumstances;

e)     the Promoter does not check, audit, monitor or control: the identity, credit worthiness or bona fides of the Prize Provider, the security of Prize Provider platform(s) or the accuracy of the information published thereon in respect of the Prize; and,

f)      the Promoter is not party to any contract that may ensue as between the Winner and the Prize Provider.

Accordingly, the Promoter will not be liable to You in relation to any Claims or Losses arising out of the Prize, the Prize Provider, the Prize Provider platform(s) or the information relating to the Prize in the Competition Notice as submitted to the Promoter by the Prize Provider, all of which are at Your sole risk.

30.                  PSZ Members who win a Prize via the Competition become customers of the relevant Prize Provider with respect to the Prize thereafter. Accordingly, as between the Promoter and You, all Provider Terms applicable to the Prize as may be set forth on the Competition Notice (if any) shall apply to You. Prizes will be subject to these Additional Terms as well as the Prize Provider Terms.

31.                  If You have a complaint against the Promoter, the Promoter will try and solve any complaints or disagreements quickly and efficiently. If You are not happy with the way Your complaint is dealt with and You wish to take court proceedings, You must do this within England and Wales. Relevant English law will apply to the terms of the Licence.

32.                  In these Additional Terms (except where the context otherwise requires) the following words shall have the following meanings:

Claim Window: refers to the time You have as a Winner to claim Your Prize.

Competition: refers to the competition which provides You with a chance to win a Prize.

Competition Notice: refers to the terms specific to the Competition and the Prize.

Competition Window: refers to the time for which the Competition is open to receive Entries.

End Date: as set out in the Competition Notice.

Entry/ Entries: refers to the entry/entries in to the Competition.

Entry Criteria: as set out in the Competition Notice.

Guest(s): where applicable, refers to the Winner’s guest(s) who may be entitled to be recipients of the Prize in accordance with the Competition Notice to accompany the Winner.

Information Request Notification: as referred to at condition 12.

Maximum Entries Quota: refers to the maximum number of eligible Entries You can have in the Competition which may be limited and shall be set out in the Competition Notice.

Prize Provider: refers to the third party sponsor, Callaway Golf Europe Ltd, who offers and promotes the Prize in the Competition who may be the same party as the Promoter.

Prize Provider Terms: refers to the trading terms or other conditions applicable to the products and/ or services constituting the Prizes.

Prize: as set out in the Competition Notice.

Promoter: as set out in the Competition Notice.

Publicity Obligations: refers to the Winner’s obligation to the Prize Provider and the Promoter to partake in some reasonable publicity upon winning the Prize upon request.

Start Date: as set out in the Competition Notice.

Winner: refers to the lucky PSZ Member who wins a Prize in the Competition.

Winner Alert: refers to the email received by a Winner to notify them that they have won the Prize.

Winner Selection Process: as referred to in the Competition Notice.