The Pace Project - #GetOnWithIt

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As soon as you put anything out there about pace of play people kick off.

They get pissed off and rant in the comments section of Twitter and Facebook about all the things that slow them down out on the course and how they could be rectified.

They rant about the slow players on tour and some even rant about the fact people are ranting about slow play.

Either way it always stirs a response. A shedload of engagement and all you have to do is light the touchpaper. And that’s why golf media love to talk about it.

But like all these things they nothing is getting done. They are talkers, not doers. There is no solution offered.

To change things you have to take risks. You have to stand up and be counted. You have to inspire people.

And that’s what we are trying to do.


Yes, let’s get people riled up, but let’s do something about it unlike anyone else before us!


People will argue that golf is stuck in its ways. Golf will never change?

‘Good luck persuading the old guard,’ you’ll hear.

But the people at the top of the game, the ones in positions where they can force change, are nearly all the same.

Much like politicians all they care about is their image, it’s about PR. So that’s where the people come in…

With #GetOnWithIt we go to the likes of Keith Pelley, England Golf, the R&A and say…. Look here, there is 200,000 golfers signed up to our campaign actively and competing on the Pin Seekerz app to show their support. There is all this noise on social media. There are bigtime industry figures backing us and a load of superstar golfers.

You show them that and see if they reject an interview.

They won’t because they will have no choice. If they do then they look terrible and we all know that’s the only thing they care about.

So after the Ryder Cup we are having a party where we will interview some of these guys live in front of an audience both at a venue as well as streamed live on Facebook and we engage with them… hold them to account and make them pledge to change things.



This is our second plan of attack.

t’s all well and good trying to force the hand of governing bodies and power brokers but what about grass roots at the golf clubs themselves.

Some might be against change, some might be trying to do something and struggling and some might not know what to do?

That’s why we have teamed up with the guys at Condor. They have basically created a system where each group gets a little handset from the Proshop and pops it on their bag.


They’re then tracked round the course and the clubhouse can monitor them, receive notifications of potential hold ups and police it… whether that be by sending a steward out or sending a push to the handset.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones!

People will soon get their act together and respect others when they are being monitored and know they can be held to account.

So if you think this would be good at your club or know one where slow play is a particular issue then just tag them here with the hashtag #GetOnWithIt.

If any golf club gets enough messages from it’s members/customers they have to listen to them and the one with the most gets a half price system!

Condor pitch it as an extra £10 on your membership fee per year. A very small price to pay to not lose your shit every time you get out on the course on your rare days off!


It’s not about rushing people around, nor is it about shaming people. It’s simply a case of having respect for others around you that are sharing that facility with you and who have paid the same for it.

If you went to the cinema and some guy was stood up in front of you and was making noise you’d be pissed off… this is no different.

We’ll be creating content with pros to give tips on playing a little quicker or how to respect people on the course and well as carrying on the discussion.

We want people to be as engaged as possible as this is all led by normal golfers.

And if this all doesn’t sound good enough they’ll be spot prizes the whole way through the campaign to whet your appetite just that little more.

Let’s all do this together and change the game forever!

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