What is Pin Seekerz

Pin Seekerz believes that if you play golf, you should be able to compete against the whole world.

No matter your handicap, club, location or how snazzy your golf trousers are.

If you have a competitive nature and love the game of golf, Pin Seekerz is here to motivate the worlds golfers by allowing you to compete against anyone in the world, anywhere in the world and earn a world ranking like the pros.



Whether you're playing on your own, in a group or in one of the Pin Seekerz Leagues, all your scores count towards your World Ranking.

Just like the pros World Rankings carry certain privileges, so do yours.


Signed goods from ISM players

Exempt from any entry fees for Pin Seekerz competitions

Tickets to local European or PGA Tour events

- Goods from golfing brands such as Callaway

- And much more!




Simply record your gross score, did you hit the fairway and Green in regulation and the number of putts you took, then let the app take care of everything else.

Pin Seekerz now offers GPS yardages to the center, back and front of the green.

Pin Seekerz uses Stableford points system along with additional bonus points to earn those all important points that affect your ranking.

+5 - Back-to-back Birdies
+3 - 4 Pars in a row
+20 - Hole in one
+10 - Round under your handicap
+8 - Bird watcher (Birdie & Eagle in the same round)
+8 - Bounce Back Award (Bogey followed by a birdie)
+4 - Scramble (Making Par but not hitting green in regulation)





Your profile page is home to all your information and provides an overview of your Pin Seekerz game and changes automatically to reflect each round you play.


The only global comparison point golfers currently have is handicap. By introducing a Pin Seekerz Percentile Score (PSP) we will use the global rankings to inform each golfer of their PSP.