Putting an end to lip service and actually trying to change the game of golf.

For those of you that know #GCW you will know they are not shy about sharing their views on the game of golf and the people that make it up both in respect to actual golfers and the individuals who govern the sport.

If you’re not aware of them, take a quick look at their Twitter feed and you’ll get the idea very quickly.


After seeing their amazing Twitter hashtag over Christmas #ShitGolfGifts – I became a fan of them and after seeing their followers which included players such as McIlroy and Spieth I thought they must have a strong voice.



I then met Ryan from #GCW and several beers later we realized we could do some good work together.

This firstly manifested itself into trying to sort slow play. We came up with the idea of The Pace Project #GetOnWithIt.

With the support of Chubby Chandler we set out to identify and help golfers use common sense to prevent those horrific five, six hour rounds.


#GCW then began doing a podcast sponsored by DraftKings which can barely be called a golf podcast, however it was pretty entertaining.

Ryan then asked me to feature on an episode and whether by design or luck the dynamic seemed to work with Ryan the punchy viewed leader, Burton – the man who knows nothing about golf and myself who I liked to think adds a bit of sense.

With Burton’s Tinder tips, discussing blind golfers and many other ridiculous topics we started to enjoy it and others seemed to as well.

We even managed to get the golf sensation on that is Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston.

If you haven’t already and have an hour of your life to waste then give an episode a listen.


But what’s next for #GCW and Pin Seekerz? Stay tuned for a future post our new YouTube channel coming soon.

Check out #GCW's site for some pretty entertaining golf articles: http://thegcw.co.uk/ 



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