What's this blog all about

I decided to start this blog for two reasons.

Firstly it allows me to keep a record of everything we at Pin Seekerz are trying to achieve this year as a new startup in London and the journey we go on behind the scenes to make everything happen. Plus I should of started this months ago but I have only just got act together!!

The second on a personal level, is so I can keep a record of this experience.

The life of a startup has its ups and downs more than anything I have ever experienced so if any of you are thinking of starting your own business, hopefully some of this may benefit or just make you laugh! I will share both business and personal experiences as it really is all one!

As some of you guys know, I am always open to speaking to you to get ideas for the app or anything at all. So comment below and I will do my best.

For now, this image sums up most days working on any startup, not just in the golf world.




iOS: http://apple.co/1x7Sqai | Android: http://bit.ly/1GVeY08