The Early Days...

...And how we got there.

As I am several months behind doing this, I thought it was best to give you guys a whistle stop tour on our early days from the initial though, to the building of the app to going live and forming some of the partnerships we have been lucky enough to form over the last year.

As it's a long story I will condense it over a few blogs!!

So how did it all start?

Simply it started as I was watching the the Ryder Cup, none other than the 'Miracle in Medinah' and watching Kaymer hole that putt to win. I thought to myself "I wonder how I would cope under that pressure?" The answer is I know I would bottle it!

But it got me thinking that surely today and not being a member of a golf club should not mean I cannot experience that level of competition, well maybe not quite Ryder Cup level but club competitions!


So what did I do about it?

Well classically I did nothing for a while but then one day whilst I was in my current job of advertising working with some big brands, it dawned on me that the idea I had, had something in it.

I therefore went back to the idea and flushed it out and Pin Seekerz - The Worldwide Golf Club was born.

I then spoke to my best mate who was a designer and asked him if he wanted to get involved with this idea and come on as the head of design. Whether he regrets that decision now... he was more than keen to do it and we started to put initial designs together for what the brand and app could look like! 

To this day, I could not have done anything with Pin Seekerz without his unrelenting hard work, so Steve, thank you!

Early designs of Pin Seekerz!


Fast forward a few months, once we had the all the initial designs done, it was time for the hardest part... find someone to build the app! This really is the most important part for any startup and I went in there with zero knowledge of what I needed or how to find them.


It's become well known to me now that most startups fail because they run out of money and having to pay developers is the number one reason for apps.

So without knowing this, I went in with the ambition that I could get someone to build it for equity for two reasons.

1) I am a great believer in having people invested in something with their time to motivate them rather than money.

2) I didn't have the startup funds to pay someone to do it!

After some time, it was looking pretty gloomy but my housemate at the time said to me 'These sorts of hurdles are what you have to expect... just find a way.' At the time I didn't really respond to him but little does he know that this motivated to find a solution.

My stroke of luck came when someone I used to work with at my first advertising agency popped up on my Facebook newsfeed who used to work in their digital department and I messaged him asking if he knew of any developers that may be interested in getting involved.

Call it fate but he had just started his own company using students to help build apps and websites. After a few weeks and some beers we agreed terms and he became my tech partner.

I still to this day know how lucky I was to have my best mate that would design everything and another top lad I knew well who would build the app as my team. 

And that is how the Pin Seekerz team was born! Seems so straightforward but I promise you it wasn't.

The lesson I would always pass on is that do not rush into your team just because you need the money, developer or designer as trust me, you're going to spend every waking hour with these people so trust and respect is a must if you want to have a solid relationship going forward.



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