Our first partnership with YouTube stars Peter Finch & Rick Shiels

Having come from a background in advertising, I knew how important it was to get reach and make people aware of Pin Seekerz.

That old saying of 'build it and they will come' is frankly nonsense especially in the app world.

I also wanted to do something different rather than advertising in standard publications and knew the value YouTube channels had.

After some initial research I came across Peter Finch & Rick Shiels on YouTube. I am sure most of you have heard of them but at the time I hadn't but liked their channels as they seemed just two normal guys offering good golf content.

I therefore approached them and asked if they would help me promote and launch Pin Seekerz and after some discussions, they did which was great news as that was to become a primary channel for our marketing.

As most startups don't have the luxury of a marketing budget, again it was imperative to form a relationship with people who believed in the product and would help spread the word without the $$$ to do it! 

You may again call it a stroke of luck. (There's a theme emerging here).

The Pin Seekerz Launch

Once we established this partnership, it was time to launch the app and what better way to do it then in a course vlog on their channels in Dubai under the floodlights and and on a world class golf course.


This proved to be a great success for the launch of the app as it created an authentic link to two trusted golf YouTube channels and set the foundation for the the rest of the partnership.

Our first video has generated over 140,000 views to date! Pressure golf!


But like all good partnerships, we did't just end it there, we continued to come up with cool campaigns to engage their golfers through the app.


We first launched 'BE THE ONE' where their subscribers had to choose which team they wanted to join, Pete or Ricks. Then over the course of the 2015 summer, you would battle it out on the Pin Seekerz app with the top player from each team winning the chance to play with Rick and Pete in a final match showdown at St Andrews.


The most recent competition was tapping into a rivalry that has raged for years and that was North vs. South - dividing the UK in two to find the best region!

Rick and Pete captained the North whilst two other social media stars, Steve Buzza and James Pickard captained the South.


Over the winter, golfers battled it out in their respective regions leagues with the top 8 golfers earning the chance to represent their region in the final match at The Belfry.

The final took place in May, with the North emerging victorious!




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