Our Ambassadors: Willett, Horsey, Root, Chubby & ISM!!

If someone would of told me when Pin Seekerz launched in March 2015 that before the year was up we would have the support of Danny Willett, Dave Horsey, Joe Root, Chubby Chandler and ISM I would of laughed in their face. But we did!

This is a great personal success for me as it was the culmination of months of hard work and meetings to make this happen.

It all started when I met a member from ISM at the 2015 BMW PGA Championships at Wentworth after I had enquired about using a player as an ambassador for the app.

At the time when I met with ISM at Wentworth, they did not actual know that I had to sneak into the media centre for the meeting as I did not have accreditation. Amazing how pretending to be on two phones at the same time was seen as only what media people would do... but it worked.


After our initial meeting I spent time talking further with ISM, meeting with Chubby Chandler and explaining the app and why I wanted these players to get involved and how it would benefit them also.

Chubby understood the app and saw what I was trying to do for the game so suggested I met with the players and if they liked it and wanted to it then they would.

So that's what I did. Firstly I went to meet Willett in Rotherham to talk him through the app and he was extremely nice and supportive and agreed to join the team. Same with Horsey and Root who is mad on golf.

It was an amazing experience for me as at the end of the day I am a sports fan like you guys so it was great to meet these guys, chat with them and ultimately have them support the app.

Chubby then made the suggestion of announcing the partnership in Dubai ahead of the DP World Championships.

Here I hand delivered all the media a pack containing information on Pin Seekerz and the partnership and one journalist even asked Willett a question during a press conference which was great.


As we have now established a partnership of them using the app during their social or practice rounds, we are really excited to get you guys interacting with them more so stay tuned.

Oh and then Willett became Masters Champion on my birthday weekend... does it get much better! 



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