The Shot

Pin Seekerz and Athletes-USA in association with ISM are offering six young golfers the chance to win full golf scholarships to colleges in the US to help them fulfill their dream of making it as a professional golfer.

For more information and to enter, visit

Premium League - Win Under Armour Gear every month

Each month, Pin Seekerz are offering you the chance to win a pair of Spieth One Shoes for the player who finish first in the league.

But that's not all. There are weekly prizes on offer giving you the chance to win Under Armour accessories each week for different aspects of your game from 'Highest Game Week Ranking' to the player with the biggest jump in the rankings.

Invites are in the league tab of the app where you can pay your £2.99 entry fee.

Keep an eye out for in-app messages and follow us on social to keep up to date with all challenges.


Premium League - Win American Golf Vouchers

Starting 3rd April, there is £250 worth of American Golf vouchers to be won.

1st Place: £100 | 2nd Place: £75 | 3rd Place: £50 plus a £25 bonus voucher for the player who plays the most rounds.

You can enter from 16th March but rounds will not count until the start date of the 3rd April. Invites are in the league tab of the app where you can pay your £3 entry fee.

Keep an eye out for in-app messages and follow us on social to keep up to date with all challenges.

Bet with Friends in your own private league on the app!

We've all done it... "Play for a fiver"... "Yeah sure"... "Sorry mate haven't got any cash on me, will give it to you next time"... Likely story!!

Let Pin Seekerz put an end to that. Create your own private league on the app and all pay £2.99 to enter then you determine the end date of that league from weekly, to monthly to the whole season.

At the end of the end date, you tell us how the money should be split. Winner takes all or 2nd place gets their stake back? It's your call.

Simply fill in the form below and that's it. We will do the rest.

Please note that for each £2.99 paid by a user there will be £1.50 left in the pot after Apple, Google and Pin Seekerz take their admin fees. e.g. 10 players enter paying £2.99 each, there will be a pot of £15.

Any questions, just email

Play with Pin Seekerz. Bet with DraftKings

Simply click the visual and start betting on fantasy sports including golf events each week to put your sporting knowledge to the test.

Or click here to get started:

#GetOnWithIt - The Pace Project

Are you sick of slow rounds? Playing golf should not take five or more hours!

Well, we are going to do something about it. Along with #GCW and Condor Scoring System we are going to change the old guard and get golf moving quicker (not rushing) to make it a sport that doesn't need to take all day.

Download the Pin Seekerz app and you will join The Pace Project league to show your support. Who knows where this may take us!


It’s a debate that’s raged for years.  Can someone who walks around a field swinging a club be considered an athlete?  When it’s put like that, probably not.  But during every round, a golfer walks between 5 & 6 miles and burns more calories than playing football.

So how important is fitness?

Well, Pin Seekerz and Myprotein have teamed up to find that out.

Ben (the founder of Pin Seekerz) will be undertaking over the next six weeks a training and nutritional regime to see just how much his game improves.

Ben will be doing all of this as he fits training in with working on the app to try and show you guys it is possible to train and work! Follow the journey here.


#TeamCallaway League

During the summer of 2016 golfers competed in the Callaway League to win weekly prizes of balls, hats, towels to monthly prizes of the new XR16 Driver and a number one prize of a full set of custom clubs.

If you missed it, we hope to return next year.

Make sure you accept to receive push notifications in the app to hear about the latest competitions and prizes! You don't want to be late to the party!