All you need to worry about is recording your gross score, did you hit the fairway and Green in regulation and the number of putts you took, then let the app take care of everything else.

Pin Seekerz offers GPS yardages to the center, back and front of the green.

Pin Seekerz uses Stableford points system along with additional bonus points to earn those all important points that affect your ranking.

Below are what you can earn bonus points for so every aspect of your game means more:

+2 | Hit two greens in regulations in a row
+4 | Back to back birdies
+3 | 4 pars in a row
+15 | Hole in one
+8 | Round under your handicap
+5 | Bird Watcher (birdie & eagle in the same round)
+3 | Bounce Back Award (bogey followed by a birdie)
+1 | Scramble (making par but not hitting the green in regulation)

Score Verification:

To ensure scores are accurate we firstly use GPS to check the golfer is on the course they say they are on.

Secondly we have a monitoring system that monitors a players rounds so if a really good round is entered that doesn’t match your past rounds or handicap then it is flagged on our system and you will be asked to provide proof for that round.

3 flags and you’re out!!