Week Three


Stability in my swing. Pushing myself in the gym. Scores are starting to improve.

It was a good week this week. Gym sessions have been stepped up and the golf is improving… slowly but improving.


How many days did I practice: 3

How many balls did I hit: 250

How many hours spent practising: 4.5

Short game and swing path were the areas of focus this week.

Practising was fitted in between meetings in town and heading to Urban Golf and early evening work at a local club for short game practice.

If anything has become apparent since I started #TheGrind it is the importance of your short game. You can save so many shots by scrambling around the green… not to mention the extra Pin Seekerz bonus points you can earn!

Swing path is becoming much more consistent and taking my learnings from last week I just need to concentrate on:

a)    Focussing on hitting the ball from the inside

b)    Trusting whilst even though I feel like I am aiming right, it will in fact head towards to target.



This week saw me take on #GCW editor Ryan. If you’ve seen anything in the past, Ryan and I play a fair few matches against each other and also have a weekly podcast.

Reason it was a good match up is because we have very similar games. Strengths and weaknesses and we pretty much head down the 18th all-square every time.

Check out the video below to see highlights of our match.


 Goals for next week:

a) Begin working on 100yard approach shots.

b) Work on lag putting.


Number of sessions: 3

Time spent working out (mins): 157

Different workout. Different timings but still grinding.

This week, the exercises I am now comfortable with I decided to either up the weight slightly or the number reps to make it a little more challenging.

I also decided to mix in a few new exercises should as using the below above and driving from my legs and push the bar above my head.

I also incorporated using a weighted sandbag and squatting down to pick it up and then extend it over my head and then slam to the floor.

All as explosive movements.

Did I feel a difference in my golf this week? 

Absolutely. It has really made a difference and even Ryan said “You look more solid throughout your swing”.

For Ryan to pay me a compliment is rare so I guess he meant it!

Now I have a more solid base, I need to keep working on it but keep working on my flexibility – especially for my shoulder rotation to try and eradicate my head dip even further.


Goals for next week:

a) Mix in a few new exercises to keep my body guessing.

b) Work on flexibility in my shoulders and rotation.



Distance covered km: 53.14

Active minutes: 612

Calories burned: 19,891

Average heart rate during round: 109bpm


Happy medium.

This week was about finding something that was achieveable.

If you have read the previous blogs, you will know how much of a struggle this has been and this week was no different.

I was still struggling to perfectly hit all my exact goals both from a macro point of view and also my calorie intake.

I therefore decided that I now have a good understanding of what and how much I need to eat so whilst it may not be perfect it is close to my goals and much more manageable.

As you can see from below, I am around the right area but the most important thing with this and the whole of the #TheGrind is that I can fit this into my life.

With regards to making a difference, it absolutely has.

I have more energy for the training and golf and have even noticed that whilst I am eating a lot more and have maintained my weight, my body fat has dropped which is always a bonus!!


Goals for next week:

a) Maintain a manageable eating regime.

b) If I know I will be out for the day, prepare food rather than relying on the shops!


We’re over half way! Week Four starts now!