Week Two


Slightly less golf practice but a solid gym regime made for a good week.


After week one and the shock I guess to a certain extent of the commitment required for #TheGrind I was a little apprehensive about week two, but I went in to it with a positive attitude.

Here's how I got on.



How many days did I practice: 2

How many balls did I hit: 200

How many hours spent practising: 2

This week just involved two practice sessions and after working on my wider takeaway last week this week was all about Swing Path!

I was really struggling to have a swing path that came from the inside and just couldn't get comfortable with the feeling of it. I know 'feel and real' are different in the golf swing but it was getting in my head too much.

I therefore remember something Rick Shiels said to me when we were in Dubai for the launch of PS and I decided to check out his channel to see if I could find the video.


It turns out, he has just done another very similar series and the below video is the one that was the most applicable to me.

It was all about changing your setup to allow for a more 'in to out' golf path on the downswing!

I therefore took this to Urban Golf twice this week in between meetings which was handy and worked solely on this.

At first, it was difficult - more mentally than anything as it just feels like you're going to smack it miles right but it started to work an absolute treat.


Whilst I had a variety of shot shapes, I felt like when I concentrated fully on my swing path I knew they would draw or go left.... it was only when I went back to my old ways did they go right!

Here are some shot summaries from Urban Golf to illustrate what I mean! Doesn't make for pretty reading but I know I am on the right tracks!


In short... Well.

Check out the video below to see highlights of my round and also my Pin Seekerz stats.



Goals for next week:

a) Fine tune swing path to be more consistent.

b) Begin thinking about course management.




Number of sessions: 4

Time spent working out (mins): 215



Whilst week one was tough, I am really starting to enjoy the gym regime and already feel small gains.

My 'pathetic' glutes seem to be getting better but this week the gym work was the best part of it. 

The workout itself is interesting for me to do as it is different types of exercises and just the right amount of time before I start getting bored. It takes me just over an hour.


Here are the stats from one of my workouts from my FitBit this week.

 Here are the stats from my round of golf this week.


Did I feel a difference in my golf this week? 

I would have to say yes. Nothing ground breaking but there were subtle changes.

I do feel more stable over the ball and that I am in more control throughout my swing. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty more than needs to happen but it was one less thing to worry about over the ball.... falling over!

 The other part, for me is the biggest.

On my backswing, I do not feel like I am doing such a big head dip in order to rotate my shoulders on the backswing as I can rotate more freely.


Again, this is nowhere near perfect but I am on the right track I hope.


Goals for next week:

a) Increase number of repetitions and weights on exercises and I am comfortable on.

b) Go to Urban Golf to see if there has been any change in ball speed and carry distance.




Distance covered km: 65.56

Active minutes: 874

Calories burned: 20,552

Average heart rate during round: 109bpm




 I improved a little on last week as I became a bit more savvy to the amount and types of foods I need to eat, however I am still a little off and to be honest this has become the most time consuming element as you are constantly thinking about the food you need and when you need it.

The meals themselves are actually great and I enjoy the plan - especially the fact you are never hungry, I just need to get better at two things which are my goals for next week outlined below.

The biggest learning this week is when I was actually playing golf, I was so under prepared for food even though I thought I was well stocked.

When you see just how many calories you burn playing golf and then apply that to a regime where I am already eating more than I am used to, I was way off my target.

This week I carried two chicken wraps and a Myprotein Oats and Whey protein bar thinking that would be enough.... no way near.

When I had finished golf and eaten all of this along with my breakfast and lunch, I still had over 2,000 calories to eat... Yikes!!

Goals for next week:

a) Prepare more meals to stop the unprepared fridge visit.

b) When playing golf, seriously up and plan my nutrition before, during and after the round.


Let's see what week three brings...