What is #TheGrind

I am going undertake a regime of gym work, golf practice and nutrition that is specific to me to see if or how much it improves my golf game over the next six weeks.

I will document everything I am doing for you guys to follow and even implement in your games.

The purpose of this is two fold.

Firstly to see if focussing on nutrition and practising has a substantial impact on my game but also to show every golfer out there that is possible to do whilst being time poor.


Yes being a professional golfer such as Willett allows him to practice most days and be his sole focus but for me, I have an app to run for you guys so everything I do will be around having a full time job.

It will be hard and will require dedication (hence why it's called The Grind) but I am determined to make it work and I hope it becomes useful for you guys to try it yourselves.

Secondly is to make it as accessible as possible for you guys to emulate, by providing you with resources as tools to help your own game and fitness. Of course if you wish to seek professional guidance then absolutely do so as this would be recommended but I know the barrier of the cost of this can be an issue.

I will be posting everything on Pin Seekerz's instagram account using #thegrind so make sure you follow us to keep up to date with everything.

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I will also be using FitBit and MyFitnessPal to track all my nutritional and exercising information, from the food and calories I consume to the exercise I undertake.

For my specific food diary you can visit that here.

I have made it public for you guys to keep track on me and even see if I have any slip ups!

I will regular post more detailed information in my blog.


I hope above all else that a) my game does improve and b) you guys find it interesting and helpful!

Please comment below or on our instagram posts of stuff you want to see more/less of and I will happily oblige... within reason!

Wish me luck!