#TheGrind: Swing

I confess, I do not posses the perfect the swing and if any of you saw the course vlogs we did in Dubai with Rick Shiels and Peter Finch then it appears most of you agree!


However, it has served me relatively well and I have come to terms with my fade.

I have always struggled when it comes to the longer irons and woods with my swing but hopefully that will all change with #TheGrind challenge.

I know I have faults in my swing so I decided it was time I found out what they were and get some advice on how to improve.

Below is my current swing before I start #TheGrind Challenge and what Johnny, Head Professional at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, believes are my faults and what I need to work on.

Just to note, below is how I best describe what Johnny told me to work on. Language may not be correct but it's how I best think it feels to describe it to you guys. I know what I need to do.

Johnny noticed that I take the club away very much on the inside which causes a lot of my head dip which I thought was due to muscle restrictions. Because of this, I then come over the top which can cause the slice of my longer irons and woods but also causes me to push and pull my shorter irons.

Therefore Johnny wants me to work on:

1) The Takeaway: Needs to go out more and not so inside. Drill for this is to have an alignment stick behind me and the club should be outside this stick when the club is parallel.  

2) Top of the backswing: I need to get my shoulders back and almost feel like my I am more behind rather than up as I have the tendency to be steep on my downswing.

I then need my downswing to come on an in to out path when I strike the ball to prevent cutting across the ball and the dreaded slice.

By rotating just at the hips with the club across my chest, this gave me the position I need to feel my body should get in to.

Then in this position, putting the club back in my hands shows the position I need to get in to. It feels very much rounded and behind me but as we know... feel and real are very different.


Follow the rest of my journey as I look to improve my swing on #TheGrind blog.