#TheGrind: Where my game is at now

In order to show and see improvement in my game, it was important to get an intial understanding of how my game is today.

Urban Golf have kindly given me access to their simulators to monitor my game and also practice when the weather is not so nice so no excuses for me!

Below is an overview of my current club distances and ball speed which are the two factors I will be measuring through #TheGrind regime.

Here are my current Pin Seekerz stats which I will of course be using to enter my rounds and to track my improvement.



The below averages are based on 5 typical shots with each clubs.


100 Yard Challenge

As I am sure most amateur golfers know, the 100 yard approach shot is not the easiest and especially for me, if I could get more accurate at hitting the green and giving myself a look at birdies, my scores would come down a lot!

So this is one area I am going to work on.

To start, I hit 10 balls from 100 yards and below are the results... as you can see, I hit 0 out of 10 so work is definitely needed.


I have a tendency to pull my approach shots and distance control is pretty much none existent! 



Driver: Callaway XR16 Pro, 9 degrees

3-wood: Callaway XR16, 15 degrees

Hybrid: Callaway XR, 19 degrees

Irons (4 - PW): Callaway Apex CF16

Wedges: Callaway MD3 Milled Grind (50, 54, 58 degrees)

Putter: Odyssey Tank Cruiser #1

Ball: Normally Callaway Chrome Soft but depends what's in the bag!